Gabe Anderson

Hi - it's Gabe on Wild Nights
Mon-Fri 7PM - 12AM

Background: I am originally from Crystal, MN. I played basketball and tennis in HS and was average at best and terrible at worst. I was top 25 in my class, although my graduating class only had 24 people.

Schooling/Education: Graduated with a Liberal Arts degree from St. Cloud State University in 2017.

How you got into Broadcasting: I started doing on-air shifts on my campus radio station and I loved it so I decided to pursue radio for my career.

Why you love your work: I love having fun and interacting with listeners. I feed off your energy. I also love the fast-paced atmosphere of the radio business.

Random facts:

-      I started as an intern for the Playhouse on KCLD

-      I have never left the country (so much for being cultured)

-      I moved here from Fond du Lac Wisconsin

-      I didn’t get a smartphone until college.

-      I refuse to eat seafood. (Personal reasons)

-      I love going to concerts, except if it’s hot and a lot of people are there.

-      I love the Wolves and Vikings. Skol! 

A “Wild” Night at The Movies!

A “Wild” Night at The Movies!

Every Thursday in the 7pm hour, Gabe will highlight the week’s new movie releases with “A Night at The Movies!”, thanks to Quarry Cinema. He will also give the “Wild Movie Night” keyword, where the 9th AND 99th texter will win a pair of tickets to the Quarry Cinema!
View contest rules here!