Mike Mack

Hi - it's Mike onĀ Wild Nights
Mon-Fri 7PM - Midnight

I'm a MN native from Woodbury and went to Mankato for Performing Arts. After I received my BA, I was finally qualified to become a professional movie star... that didn't work out - BUT IT'S OKAY cuz I had a part-time gig in radio. So I "retired" from acting, threw myself into this new career and climbed the ranks as quickly as one could. What snagged my full focus was not JUST meeting country stars like Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt (oops, I dropped something there...)


I truly feel country music inspires hard work, humility and passion which are all qualities YOU have and inspire me every day.

Plus, I get to tell jokes and listen to music as a job so what really do I have to complain about??

In my spare time I try to get to the gym (is it pronounced JIM or GEEM? I should go more...) and on days I'm feeling nerdy, it's either Star Trek or video games. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a rockstar and I'm his cowbell player (even if he doesn't know it).