Famous from the Farm

Famous From the Farm

Join MinnWest Bank, Famous Daves BBQ and Wild Country 99 as we show our appreciation and reward a deserving farming family with a $50 certificate for dinner at Famous Dave’s BBQ!

Just fill out the form below to nominate a farmer you know who deserves a night out at Famous Dave’s BBQ. 

Winners will be drawn by Brook Stephen’s every Friday. Tune in to see if your Famous Farmer is a winner!

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Schulzetenberg's - Freeport

Nominated by: Tishel
Carl and his wife Kathy have lived on a small farm in Freeport since I can remember. I met them through their daughter Tanya at Basic Combat Training in Fort Leonard Wood MO. Carl and his family have been dedicated to farming. Now his daughter Tanya and her family are there everyday to help with the typical chores. This Father Daughter duo is amazing. Spending long days to make sure that the cows are fed and the fields are planted. I can not express how much appreciation I have for this amazing family. 

Roering Family - Grey Eagle, MN

Nominated by: Bill Koopmeiners
Alan and Sharon Roering are great people go out of their way to help people however they can. They are hardworking people.


Nominated by: Gary Brix
The family farm has been handed down for three generations and this year is the one hundredth anniversary .The Smith farm is well known in Avon. The farm is run by Lloyd and Roger Smith  As a kid me and my brothers always love to go help work on the farm.  Lloyd and Dianne have seven wonderful children and and eight grandchildren.. Many of the kids still help  with the work on the farm today.

Quinn Family - Evansville, MN

Nominated by: Courtney
3rd generation family farm with crops and beef cattle.

KNOPIK FARMS - Little Falls

Nominated by:  Jess Seward
Jim and Debbie Knopik have 4 grown kids and 8 grandkids. They live on a crop farm and raise 20 beef cows. They farm over a 1000 acres. There son helps them out on the farm. They are wonderful parents and hard working. They deserve everything they have worked for. They are kind and generous to everyone around them.

Schumer Family - St. Stephens

Nominated by:  Michelle Schumer
Jim and Marilyn, along with their youngest son, Peter, are incredibly dedicated to their century farm. They milk around 60 cows, and raise them from the day they are born. They open their farm to friends and family with open arms because it is easier to host people than to be away from the farm for too long. They also plant and harvest crops on majority of their 180 acres.  I cannot think of a better farm family to honor.

Mehr Family - Richmond, MN

Nominated by:  Holly Zwilling
The Mehr family owns 2 dairy farms within a mile of each other. They both have successful farms that they run farther and son. They work together amazing to get all of the cows milked and crops harvested. With their busy schedules of running 2 farms with only one helper that isn't family they are always offering a helping hand to neighbors or a kind stranger who needs something. This family definitely deserves this!!

Hemmesch Family - Paynesville

Nominated By:  Mary Ann
Joe and Katie farm near Lake Henry. They took over the century  family farm in 2011. They have 3 children, Clayton, Kenley, and Jada. They work so hard milking cows and farming 200 acres. They have made many improvements on the farm, also having to put up a new house due to a fire in the old farm home in 2015. Joe and Katie take pride in their dairy operation and have done a wonderful job. They really deserve a day out!!!


Nominated by: Rhonda Torgersen
Randy and Cindy have 4 kids Jacquelyn, Jacob, Jennifer & Junior. Jacob helps with the farm when he isn't working full time at Roto chopper.  Continuing the tradition, Randy runs this dairy operation with over 300 acres which is a century farm established in 1878.  Randy is the 4th generation .  My brother and his family work extremely hard to keep our Heritage alive during this tough economy.  They work 24/7 and deserve a night out!


Szafranski Family - Foley/Gilman

Nominated by:  Steve S
We farm 440 acres by Gilman. We have beef cattle.  We farm with my brother and mother. We have some egg-laying chickens. most of our time is spent working in the fields and meadows.

Tiemann Family - Royalton, MN

Nominated By: Breanna Vaillancourt
This family is all farm, all of the time.  Jeff and Cindy Tiemann are the owners of Sandy Hill Farms, where raise birds for Gold'n Plump, farm about 2000 acres, plus also own a septic pumping company.  Around the farm it is always work, work, work. It would be great for them to get out and enjoy a date night every once in awhile especially with spring time coming up!


Nominated By:  Julie Deters
The Worms family is a 3rd generation century family farm located south of Greenwald, MN.  They milk 800+ head & raise their own heifers, fat steers and also farm many acres.  I worked for this family for almost 15 years & have seen the farm grow & change as the children have grown up.  Joe & Sandy Worms were my bosses, the farm has changed hands to their oldest son, Josh and his wife, Steph.


Nominated By:  Sean Grimstad
Where to begin... Bryan (also known as Squirrel) is one of the hardest working people, if not the hardest working person I know. His day begins at 4am let's the dogs out, feed the cows then checks on his 43,000 Golden Plump chickens. He is so dedicated to farming and does an amazing job at looking after his animals. On top of farming, Bryan and Meghan both have full time jobs.


Nominated by:  Jean Bemboom
Jill grew up on her mother and father's farm. And her dream was to someday own a farm of her own. Jill and her husband purchased their farm just shortly after they were married. They now have 3 beautiful children. As a family they work work and play together to make it work.  Jill is my niece and I am very proud of her and her family. Farming is very hard work! I get them great credit for taking the plunge.

Kasella Family - Royalton, MN

Nominated by:  Melissa Kasella
My husband Kenny is the most hard working man I know. He helps his dad farm 1600 acres plus we have 2 hog barns. We have two very busy boys with one on the way. During the busy times he can leave the our house by 6 and not come home until after 10. Our date night consists of me packing up food & taking it to the field with the boys. I wouldn't change my life for anything. Words cannot express how much he does for us.


Nominated by:  Jenny Kleinwachter
Jerry (dad) and Jeff (son) along with hired man Ron milk close to 100 cows and farm over 1500 acres. The three of them work their tails off the keep everything up and get the crops planted in the spring and harvested in the fall!! No one works harder than a farmer, especially these guys!!

Olmscheid Family - Freeport, MN

Nominated by: A Friend
Terry and Diane with the help of their daughters, Brooke, Kayla & Hannah, farm around 300 acres. Up until about a year and a half ago they milked 50 cows 7 days a week. Both are still busy working part-time off the farm, running the land and raising steer. They still make time for friends and family. The farm is a century farm past down for generations. Terry has never left the farm, he lived with his parents until they moved to town. He is very dedicated to the family farm.

Libbesmeier Family

Nominated by:  Mandy Krippner
Dennis has been farming for his entire life. His son, Pat, joined the family farm as well. They milk 60 dairy cows, raise about 250 steers, and grow crops on about 800 acres. They work hard to keep the small family farm tradition going.

Vannurden Family

Nominated by: Amy Beierman
Gary (Dad) Chris and Nick (sons) work together to milk 100 plus cows and plant/harvest crops to maintain them. They work hard and maintain the farm working as a team.

The Warren Family

Nominated by: Linda Traut
I have known the Warren family since my daughter-in-law came into our family a few years back. There are so many things that I find remarkable about this family. They are hard workers and while their days are already long when it comes to family, neighbors and friends are there to help. They are very involved in the community and when it comes to the Meeker County fair they are out in full force to support the farming community. 

Grangroth Dairy

Nominated by:  Amber Grangroth
The Grangroth Dairy started back in the 60s by my grandpa Harvey Grangroth. He was married to our grandma Verna and they had a total of 13 children. They milked about 40 cows at that time. There are now four generations living and the plan is to continue passing on the tradition of the Grangroth Dairy. Next will be my brother Josh then hopefully his son Levi. My dad Ted works so hard and is so proud of his farm and career. 

Ebnet Family Farm - Holdingford

Nominated by: Joelle
Husband & wife, Donnie & Sandie, own the GNP chicken barn along with with beef cattle.  They crop farm 250 acres.  Their son Jason farms with them & he has his own beef cattle.  He also crop farms another 150 acres.  Donnie & Sandie have 3 grown kids.  Jason & his wife Tracy have 4 little boys

Weller Family Farm - Elrosa, MN

Nominated by:  Jim Weller
We farm 1000 acres of corn, soybeans & alfalfa.  Also 100 head of beef cattle.  The Farm is run by Jim & Jackie Weller with help, whenever possible, from their children; Grant, Zach, Savana, Macy & Simon!

Sunnyside Farms - Buffalo, MN

Nominated by:  Heidi
My farm family is my parents and myself along with my sister and her family. My dad and mom work hard everyday 7 days a week milking cows with hardly any time off.  They also do field work, but find time for family and friends.  They truly deserve it and are always caring, giving and work so hard all year long.

The Skwira Family

Nominated By:  Samantha
The Skwira family (Dan and Marian, and daughter Stephanie) are such kind and hard working people. Between picking eggs, taking care of the cattle, caring for their crops, and everything in between, they have many responsibilities every day. They provide food for countless families locally and across the country. I can't think of any other family that would be so deserving of some treats and a night out.

Douglas Fuchs Family

Nominated By:  Andrea Tschida
My Father is a 4th generation Fuchs Family Farmer. He finally after many years decided to quit the dairy portion of farming and only do beef cattle. While working on the farm he also works at Wenners gas in cold spring. In between all that he is constantly helping out MANY  friends. He doesn't get enough recognition for the time he puts in and the hard work he does. He seriously is the best farmer and dad that anyone could ask for. 

The Boyer Farm

Nominated by Cassie Boyer
Corey started farming at a very young age and continues to run the family farm to this day. He is a crop and cattle farmer, works a full-time job off of the farm and is a loving husband, father and step-father. As a blended family, we have 5 children who admire and look up to him. His work ethic and passion for what he does amazes me everyday. I don't know anyone who works harder and is more committed to providing for their family than Corey. 


Nominated by Kathy Traut
Carl and John run 343  acres and rental land. Milk135 cows plus young stock. They raise sweet corn  to sell to the surrounding communities for 14 years They participated in a number of crop and dairy studies. They enjoy hunting and fishing with their families.and going to out door concerts. They are always willing to teach  others who want to learn.

The Kloss Family Farm

Nominated by:  Shaina Gottwalt
It's a family thing! My dad Dave Kloss has been farming his entire life. There are 3 kids both of my brothers work full time on the cash crop and Gold n Plump farm. They put in long hours. My mom Diane is around to do the running for parts and to make sure they have a meal at home or in the field. Both my brothers Kyle and Cody work very hard along with my parents Dave and Diane Kloss and they deserve a great meal!


Nominated By:  Mary Eisenschenk
The Merdan Dairy is a CENTURY FARM.  The Merdan's John (dad) and two sons Joe and Eric milk cows on their dairy farm south of Avon.  They carry on the tradition of generations of John's dad Joe and his dad, another John.


I'm proud they are on my family farm/home place which makes it extra special.   They also rent other land for more crops.  

The Massmann Family

Nominated By:  Barb Peck
Joe and Jessica have been married for 8 years, they have 3 wonderful children, Wyatt-3, Tenly-1.5, and Clayton 4months. They have a very busy life. They take care of their dairy farm, help Joe's dad take care of his cattle and pigs. They are always working so hard, and are very active in the community and helping other's through their church even when they just don't have any time.


Nominated by: A Friendly Neighbor
Al is a very nice bachelor dairy farmer!  Al milks 100 cows in a stall barn by himself. He has his nephew working for him to help him with the other chores like feeding the numerous calves,feeding heifers and with the many acres he farms with his brother. Al rarely ever takes time off to go anywhere, he has such a BIG heart,so a meal out to eat he would appreciate alot.

The Braun Family

Rachel & Aaron Braun  Nominated by Shelly Bestgen
This is a young farming family.  They are on their 2nd year on the family farm that was in the Braun family for at least 3 generations.  They have 3 young daughters (7 months to 6 years) who have a lot of fun on the farm, and love raising chicks, the occasional baby cows, helping pick rocks, and getting rides on the tractor/combine, and planting the family garden.


They deserve a night out at Famous Dave's BBQ.

The Gerads Family

Tyler & Ashley Gerads - Nominated by The Koopmeiners
Tyler and Ashley recently moved too a new farm in Dec of 2015 but it didn't allow them to move into the house for almost 4 months, they were running back & forth from Sauk Rapids to Albany. They brought 55 cows and young stock to the farm. They also had to milk the previous owners 50 cows too. Meeting a total of 105 cows to milk. I can guarantee that you will have a hard time finding a family as hard working as they are. 

The Gruenes Family

Gruenes Family - Nominated by Ashley Gruenes
My Mom and Dad have 7 children and 5 grand children.  Our dairy is south of Richmond we milk 1500 cows.  We strive to produce the best milk possible to provide quality dairy products to everyone.  We do tours on our dairy so everyone can see where their dairy products come from.  We work hard but love doing it as a family! Mom is on the MN State Holstein Board and Dad is involved in Holstein committees.

Braithwaite Family Farm

Dan & Deb Braithwaite - Nominated by Lizzie Miller
The Braithwaite's are the nicest family you could ever ask to be a part of, even if you aren't blood, your their family. They will give you the shirt off their back. Dan and Deb raised four kids and many grand kids today while farming, judging 4H at the state fair. There is no question they work hard. This farm may be 'out of bounds' but they deserve it.

Herzog Family Farm

Allen & Diane Herzog - Nominated by Tracy Herzog
My mom & dad raised 5 children including myself & have never stopped supporting us no matter where life takes us. With 2 out of the 5 of us children attending college, our parents still support us no matter what while still supporting two children that live at home & attend high school.  They had to rush to get chores done before making any plans happen, but that was the dairy farming life. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Flanders Family Farm

Joe & Luann Flanders - Nominated by Brenda Foster
Joe is our son in law, He is one of the hardest working men I know. 4 years ago when Joe and our daughter Luann were married He also took over running the dairy farm that he grew up on.  Joe has great love for his cows and loves his work. He was born with ceberal palsy, but  doesn't let it stop him one bit. He runs their dairy farm on his own, with a little help from our daughter and children.

Pundsack Dairy

Keith & Roxane Pundsack - nominated by Sara MacArthur
This last year Pundsack Dairy celebrated being a century old farm. Keith and his wife Roxane have about 150 milking cows. They have four children and parents that help out. They strive to provide the best quality product while being the most efficient. They’re both members of the young cooperative board from First District Association that focuses on building up our local farmers and helping them succeed in today’s market.

The Fleck Family Farm

Fred & Joan Fleck - Nominated by Kristy Fleck
These are my parents and have been farming together for 25 years. They are so committed to the farm life, growing up my family never went on more than a days vacation because they didn't want no one else to take care of their business because they knew that they do it the best. My parents are the most hardworking farmers ever they take care of their animals just like their four children...

Chosen Acre Farm Facebook Page

Chosen Acres Farm

Denise & Stan Mickelson - Nominated by Rick Nelson
They are a hard-working, truly "family farm", with both of their sons and their families living close by and  invested in the farm. "Chosen Acres Farm" is a designated "Century Farm" , having been in the Mickelson family for over 100 years, they raise polled Herefords cows.  Their farm is located about 8 miles northeast of Isle, Minnesota. The farming heritage is being passed down to their two young granddaughters and grandson. 

The Gertkens

Dave & Georgia Gertken - nominated by Jennifer Omdahl
My parents, Dave and Georgia, were in the business of dairy farming for years.  They got out of dairy farming and took a two year break and then my parents along with my sister, Jessie, decided to start up goat farming a few years ago.  It was a lot of hard work, long hours, and dedication for them to start.  Currently on their 4th year,  milking around 200 goats.  They are up early, working hard and take pride in what they do...