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Brian Rickman comes to us from Muscle Shoals, Alabama (yep – he's a “Roll Tide” kinda guy) but, throughout his 20+ years in the radio and music business, Brian has called many places home. Rickman started his career and path to deafness as a musician. Brian was the guitarist and primary songwriter for the grunge-era band Another Roadside Attraction. They didn't get famous (probably because their name was too long) but they did sign a record contract, had big shot managers in New York City, toured with bands that did get famous and were part of the same Midwestern scene that spawned Smashing Pumpkins and such. 

Afterlife as a rock star didn't pan out, Rickman returned to the job he had in high school. At 16, he'd landed a part-time gig as a weekend DJ on his hometown radio station in Decatur, Illinois. While promoting the band, Brian became a popular guest on cheesy morning radio shows all over America (and sometimes Canada). After he took his guitars to the pawnshop, a news/talk radio station in New Jersey hired him to ramble on nonstop for many hours at a time...and even proposed to pay him for this! He accepted. 

This began a long journey up and down the radio dial in places like New York City, both Carolinas, Los Angeles, Georgia, the aforementioned Alabama and Texas, and a few others. Brian was also the third wheel on the syndicated Mad Max Morning Show. 

You might have also heard him previously on Hard Drive with Lou Brutus, sparring with Eddie Trunk about which Motorhead album is the best or on countless radio commercials over the years (lots of concert commercials – he's the guy that yells at you on the radio about the Black Sabbath reunion tour coming to town). 

Rickman is also a published writer. He's worked as a critic for AllMusic, rock journalist for hipster websites like Consequence of Sound and Pitchfork and has published, to date, four novels (all in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre). Last year, someone even bought the movie rights for that series. What a sucker. 

Throughout the years, Brian has collected numerous rock and roll experiences. He was super-pals with Dimebag Darrel, was David Lee Roth's drinking buddy, once bought Dave Mustaine new socks and one time got into a shouting match with Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot backstage after a show. Before fists were thrown, the fight was stopped by Ronnie James Dio...which is pretty hilarious. 

Now, Rickman joins us in Central Minnesota to play today's Hottest New Country, tell funny stories and write a bunch of weird crap for you to read on the internet. Enjoy!

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