Ring in the New Year

Everyone loves the SPARKLE of the New Year! This year, all those memories you carry on your left hand will be made NEW with a Wedding Ring Makeover that only J.F. Kruse Jewelers can do! You’ll get to sit down with their amazing crew and update and/or redesign your Wedding Ring or Band with a $1,000 Ring Makeover from J.F. Kruse Jewelers and Wild Country 99! We want to give You MORE than just a ring.

Weekdays at 3:10 pm, Brook Stephens will give out the Win with J.F. Kruse Jewelers keyword.  Brook will call back one of the texts at random before 3:30 pm to award them $50 to J.F. Kruse Jewelers and qualify them for the $1,000 ring makeover! Then on January 31st at 5:10 pm, Brook will call the winner for the J.F. Kruse Jewelers Ring Makeover!

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