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C & D Granite

Sponsored by C & D Granite

C&D Granite has the unlimited lifetime guarantee, as long as you own your home, they’ve got your granite covered!

White Trash News Flash

White Trash News Flash

Kelly & Wood present "White Trash News Flash" every weekday in the 6am hour. The stories they share you just can’t make up, presented by Kelly & Wood channeling their inner redneck to add a little “white trash” flare.

Wild Wake Ups Morning Motivator

Morning Motivator

Kelly & Wood each select a song to help get you motivated and out of bed each morning at 5:50 thanks to Clearwater Travel Plaza! Listeners then vote via text for the song they want to hear, the song with the most votes wins and is played in its entirety. The Wild Wakeup will pick at least 1 random texter each morning to win a prize.

The Silver Screen with JF Kruse Jewelers

Kelly & Wood will act out the scene. If a listener can identify what movie it’s from, they walk away with a $50 gift card to start their shopping off right at JF Kruse Jewelers. Putting the SILVER into SILVER Screen.

Country Quick Mix

The Country Quick Mix is the best way to kick off your weekend thanks to Schultz Soft Water. Listen and request your favorite country hits every Friday at 8:10 a.m.

Win Wood's Lunch with Bonanza

Kelly & Wood want listeners to WIN WOOD’S LUNCH! Go head to head every Wednesday at 7 a.m. with Wood to battle over random trivia…and win food from Bonanza! Good luck, Wood loves his lunch!

Upper Deck Challenge

Kelly & Wood are giving you a chance to win a pound of wings from Upper Deck! Listen every Tuesday during Kelly's "Maybe it's Just Me" segment for the text keyword to win.