Bryan Riley


Schooling/Education: Little Canada Elementary and UW-River Falls 

How you got into Broadcasting: I used to get yelled at a lot for talking in school! So much, my Mom would get daily emails from my teachers. So I figured I might as well do something I'm already good at for a job. Plus, I was very mediocre at best at all other subjects in school so literally, this was my only option. 

Why you love your work: I have always been a people person. I can make friends with just about anyone. I love to meet and connect with people not only in person but on air!

Random facts:

  • I have a cousin that plays in NFL (like a real cousin, not one of those cousins that are 4 times removed.)
  • I broke my thumb bowling in 7th grade.
  • I am terrified of frogs.
  • My name is spelled with a Y like a weirdo, so you can blame my Mom for that one.
  • I think regular Oreos are better than any other kind, and if you think differently then you're wrong. 
  • Oh, and I love bottled beer. 
A “Wild” Night at The Movies!

A “Wild” Night at The Movies!

Every Thursday in the 1pm hour, Bryan will highlight the week’s new movie releases with “A Night at The Movies!”, thanks to Quarry Cinema. Like us on Facebook to win. 
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The All Request Lunch

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Cram the Ram December 10th!

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